Rakott Krumpli or layered potato is a traditional Hungarian casserole. In literal translation, this means “pleated potatoes”. This is an incredibly tasty, quite simple and quick dish to make. It consists of only 4 basic ingredients — potatoes, sausages, eggs, and sour cream.

Rakott Krumpli Origin

For the first time, this dish is mentioned in István Czifray’s Hungarian National Cookbook of 1840.

Rakott Krumpli is basically a very similar dish to Moussaka which is quite common in central Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East. …

How to Make It In Just 6 Simpe & Easy Steps

40 minutes, 4 servings, medium

Although there are at least a dozen types of kebabs in traditional Turkish cuisine, Iskender Kebab is one of the most famous. Of course, besides the doner kebab. However, legend has it that they have a common past. Both were invented by the same person — Iskender Efendi. Iskender Kebab is even named after him.

In fact, Iskender kebab is a way of serving kebabs. It is served on a pita bread topped with tomato sauce, melted butter and yoghurt. Very often served roasted with green chilli peppers.

Iskender Kebab Recipe Origin

According to legend, it originated in the…

75 minutes, 8 servings, medium

What Does Pierogi Mean?

Polish pierogi, also spelt as perogi, are homemade, half-moon-shaped dumplings that are stuffed with ingredients such as mashed potatoes, meats, cheese, and sauerkraut. The word has Proto-Slavic roots, and when translated means “pie”. It is also used as a generic term for dumplings.

Pierogi Recipe Origin

There are many theories as to how it arrived in Poland in the 13th century. One is that Marco Polo brought it with him from China.

Another version is that Saint Hyacinth of Poland, the patron saint of drowning, instructed the villagers of Koscielec to pray for protection during the storm, which…

60 minutes, 6 servings, easy

What is Zurek Soup?

Zurek or Zur, as the dish is sometimes called, is a sour soup made from a fermented rye flour starter. Although its name is Polish, its other name ‘zur’ actually comes from the German word ‘sauer’ which means ‘sour’.

Traditionally served during Easter, it was usually served with a hard-boiled egg or a spicy sausage. The zurek recipe varies from region to region, but they all have one thing in common: that salty, creamy, and sour taste that’s unlike any other dish.

Zurek soup has remained a staple dish in Polish restaurants and has even made its way to Czech…

35 minutes, 4 servings, easy

What is Kotlet Schabowy?

Kotlet Schabowy (pronounced KOHT-Let s-HA-bow-vey), is a traditional Polish dish that comprises a pork cutlet made crispy by coating it with breadcrumbs then fried to give you a delicious treat.

Lovers of Polish cuisines will appreciate how rich the food culture is in this country. From its interactions with many other cultures, Poland adopted many culinary traditions including kotlet schabowy recipe. The country boasts of delicious dishes, some of which have also crossed borders into other cultures.

How do you serve Kotlet Schabowy ?

Different Polish families have their preferred way of serving this fried pork bread. Most homes will serve it…

45 minutes, 6 servings, medium

What is a Polish Pancake?

Polish pancakes, also known as nalesniki (pronounced nah-lesh-NEE-kee), are very thin crepes, usually filled with cheese and jelly, then rolled or folded.

Depending on the Polish pancake recipe, the pancakes can either be savoury or sweet.

Many are already familiar with the American pancake. But the mention of Polish pancake might leave some people clueless about how it looks like, of course, except for the Polish cuisine buffs! If you aren’t versed in Polish delicacies, Polish pancake is almost like the French crepe and nothing like American pancake!

How do you serve Polish Pancakes?

The sweet Polish pancakes recipe usually has…

80 minutes, 10 servings, medium

Lokum, in the popular culture known as Turkish Delight, is a world-famous Turkish sweet. It is an indispensable part of traditional, and contemporary Turkish cuisine as well. In Turkey, you can find this little gummy sweet in myriad colours and flavours of candy shop windows.

What is Lokum Made Of?

The base of lokum recipe is sugar and corn starch, to which numerous flavours and colours are added. This leaves a lot of space for the imagination. However, some flavours are still bestsellers such as rosewater, orange blossom, mint and lemon. You can also find lokum with countless fillings. …


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