Polish Pancakes (Crepes) Recipe | What Makes Them Uniquely Polish?

45 minutes, 6 servings, medium

What is a Polish Pancake?

Polish pancakes, also known as nalesniki (pronounced nah-lesh-NEE-kee), are very thin crepes, usually filled with cheese and jelly, then rolled or folded.

How do you serve Polish Pancakes?

The sweet Polish pancakes recipe usually has sweet fillings such as jams or fruits. On the other hand, the savory may have various ingredients like meat, cheese, mushrooms, ham, or sauerkraut. If you choose to use cheese fillings, the pancakes become nalesniki z serem, meaning ‘crepes with cheese.’

Polish Pancakes Origin

Generally, Polish pancakes are thought to have originated from Central Europe. Today, they’re a delicacy all over the world as different cultures have their different version. In the US, they’re popularly known as blintzes.

What Makes the Pancakes Polish?

The most common filling for Polish pancakes is cheese, and that’s what makes them Polish! The type of cheese used is the traditional twarog cheese, then egg yolks and sugar can also be an addition.

Twarog cheese

As we’ve already seen, twarog cheese is the primary filling on Polish pancakes. Twarog cheese comes from curd and is Poland’s predominant cheese. Twarog has a slightly sour taste but very delicious and satisfying.





  • 500 ml sparkling water
  • 100 ml Milk
  • 2 pcs eggs
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • a pinch Salt
  • 5 g vanillin sugar
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 50 g sour cream

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